A complete guide on Six Letter Words

You can only learn English with pracctice. It needs to be practiced daily so that you can do better. It progresses day by day. You start with alphabets and vowels first. After you complete this, you go on words. Two-letter words, three letter words…subsequently, you reach the words with six letters.

Six letter words are the basics of a child’s initial vocabulary. Technically, these words are the basis for anyone’s vocabulary. When you start learning English, these words should be focused upon. Additionally, these words come in handy when you are playing scrabble.

If you use these words in your sentences, you will display a better impression on the audience. 

Now, you might feel that such alphabetical words might be challenging to remember. Well, that is not the case. It is mandatory that you spare time to learn these words. If you do not begin now, it will never happen. Moreover, you will not be able to progress to other words too!

Are you one of those people who possess a strong mind block towards learning the six-letter words? You are at the right place. Sit back and relax because we are here to solve your issues in a simple way that you will certainly love!

Common Words

To commence, we advice that you begin with common words that have six alphabets. These words are extremely simple to remember because these are words you can use in your everyday vocabulary.

The easiest word to remember is NUMBER. Yes, this word we use almost every day in our lives. The best part about this word is that it can be used as a noun and as a verb. Here is an example to make things easier for you. 

‘Can I get your phone number?’ This is in the noun form.

‘Could you number the list of items you want to buy?’ In this case, it is a verb. Rather than saying ‘write,’ you are using the word ‘number.’

One more six-letter word is PEOPLE. This is the collective noun for a PERSON. Yes! Both of the words have six alphabets. The only difference is that a person is singular while people are in the plural form.

More like, you can use to give suggestion. One of such words is SHOULD. This is one of the most common words that can be used in your day to day life. For instance, ‘You should bring the car today.’ It is not an obligation, but it will be great if you brought your car, that is what this sentence means.

6 Letter Words With The Letters A, S, B, And F

You now know how to use six-letter words in your daily language. However, you should also be aware of some words that can be used in scrabbles. If you use words with six alphabets, there is a chance that you will score high points! Pay close attention to the fact that they are all scrabbling words. You need not worry, though; we have put forwards words that are easy to remember. The drawback of the scrabble words is that they cannot be used in your daily vocabulary.


is a letter with many words with six alphabets. A few examples are AROUND, ASSESS, ACCEPT, ALWAYS, ALLIES, ACEDIA, ACCORD, ABOLA, ADIPIC, ACTION, ADVICE, AROUND, ANNUAL, ABUSER, ADORED, ADOPTS, AFFORD, and ADULTS. As mentioned, these words may not always be suitable for use in your day to day language. You might, however, want to keep them in mind.

Another set of handpicked words begin with the letter S. A few six-letter words beginning with are SLOWLY, STARTED, SILENT, SCALES, SCARFS, SALIENT, SUPPER, SPREAD, SECURE, SELLER, SIMPLE, SOCIAL, and SENIOR. 

You can find words with six alphabets beginning with B. Here are some words you might consider to keep in mind are: BICEPS, BETTER, BULLET, BROKEN, BRIDGE, BORDER, BITING, BECOME, BECAME, BEHIND, BOTTLE, BELONG, BEAUTY, BURDEN, and BUZZER. Note that there are some words you can use while you speak.

is an alphabet that surprisingly has a huge variety of words with six alphabets in them. A few of them are here for you to refer to FRAMED, FOSSIL, FABRIC, FEMALE, FALLEN, FIGURE, FRENCH, FOSTER, FRAPPE, FOURTH, FORMAT, and FOREST.

Six letter words with these letters are the handiest ones. The combination of words is such that you can use them in scrabbles and in your daily vocabulary.


Of course, there are more than 20,000 words with six alphabets in them. We have put forward six letter words using these letters for the fact that they are easy to keep in mind. They are the ones that will actually come in handy when you are playing scrabble.

Your motto should not be to learn six-letter words to win a game. You should learn these words to improvise on your vocabulary. It is not something very challenging to do. The key method to keep these words in mind is to read them regularly. If possible, try using them while you talk. This might seem a little difficult at first, but it is not impossible. Try using common words initially. Once you master this, move onto the scrabble words.

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