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 We all have a gamer hidden inside us, which lifts its head and comes out purring when it sees its favorite game. Some people like action games, some people like games with fabulous graphics, while others are comfortable playing card games like poker. Then there are the ones who love words and to play around with them, and for them, Scrabble is a best friend made of tiles and words. But even they can experience what can be termed as ‘word block’ sometimes, which won’t go away despite all their efforts.Then there are some who do not know how to play on words. In those Not-so-rare situations, you’d need to take help from some outside sources. The scrabble word finder could be that external aid for your cause.

Insight Into The ‘Scrabble Word Finder’ and Using It To Hone Your Scrabbling Skills

So yes, the scrabble word finder’s informed use can take you a long way in becoming an expert. Of course, it helps you figure out the words you otherwise would not have, but in that way, you are more likely to recall those words. That adds a rather extensive collection to your vocab.

To say that it is perfect for those who find it boring to put alphabets together won’t be an understatement. Also, if you’re in quest of perfect words for your game night with friends, just put your collection of letters in the scrabble word finder, and you’re ready to go.

And in no time, you will equip yourself with hoards of words to beat that one expert you have in your group or to maintain your reputation to become an admirable expert. Whatever may be your case or your reason for using it, the scrabble word finder will not disappoint you, I promise.

It is an easy-to-use tool, with the only step that takes you to the key-in the bunch of your alphabets, and it’ll outcome some high-scoring words. On that note, let me enlist more than a few words that can earn you great points in the game of scrabble.

Starting with the smaller ones, when you have only a small number of vowels, instead of struggling and scratching your head, you can form words like ‘AE’ or ‘MM,’ which are acceptable lifesavers, and ideal on these occasions.

When you got an X, you can pair it with an I or a U. Going to the ‘long-words’ club, you could go with ‘Cazique,’ which incidentally is the highest scoring word in the game, astonishing, right? 

So the Scrabble word finder can help you with these sorts of words. Do not get flustered.

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A Brief Walk Down The Memory Lane 

Surprisingly enough, the game was born by an architect somewhere around the 1930s, and the first name it got was ‘lexico,’ different from the name we know by miles. Then it was sold by the original owner in 1948, and the credit of fine-tuning it and bestowing it with the present name goes to James Brunot.

After that, several alterations were made, new rules introduced, and old ones scratched off. 1949 marks the start of the game’s mass-production, while the year 1952 witnessed the licensing procedure. The platform for scrabble experts to be crowned and brought to light, the world scrabble championship was inaugurated in 1991. Such are the amendments introduced to the game from time to time.

Tricks to Swear By To Play Scrabble Word Finder

These are some add-ons you can use when you have stuck and are unable to come up with nothing at all.

Go big

Yes, you heard me, aim big. You can try adding a word at the end of another and then try another one with it. The scrabblers call it ‘hooking,’ and it can turn the game around for you.

big words
big words

Another trick that can get like 50 points to your sash is when you use all your collection at once. You could use the scrabble word finder to acquire the words that can come in handy for that purpose.

Proceeding In Twos

Treading using two-letter words can help you charm your way across the board when there is lesser space.

two letter words
two letter words

That is when a Scrabble Word finder enlists two-letter charmers when the scenarios are tight. Also learn ways to improve vocabulary to fetch more points.

Words For a Rainy Day

Always keep some words reserved for when and if the situation worsens while playing scrabble word finder.

reserving words
reserving words

If you like to score big, keep words starting with Q ready at the back of your head, or the two-letter words or combinations that can help your crack a 50-pointer.

Answering The ‘Hows’ Of A Fair Game Of Scrabble Word Finder

To be able to play a game properly or to have fun, or to excel in it [if you’re the competitive type], it is essential to be informed about the rules that bind it together. Otherwise, all will be chaos, and then what is the point.

scrabble rule boook
scrabble rule boook

So here are a few trinkets from the rule book for you to stick to:

Rule 1:

You can’t use mumbo-jumbo words, only the ones that the English language includes and recognizes the words along with their meanings.

incorrect words
incorrect words

Apart from that, two dictionaries officially decide the valid words for scrabble. The first one is Collins, and the second one is based on Merriam-Webster. Decide beforehand which one you’d like to follow throughout the game.

Rule 2: 

Talking about the points allotted to each alphabet, the ones highest in the hierarchy with a perfect 10 are Z and Q, while the one lowest in the table are all the vowels along with some consonants like L, N, etc. Then there are B, C, etc. with three points and J and X with 8 points. 

scrabble's points system
scrabble’s points system

 Also, 2 to 4 players can play the conventional game of scrabble word finder.

Rule 3: 

The players do a sort of toss in the game, they all pick out a letter, and the one who picked the letter closest to the starting letter ‘A,’ gets to go off the mark first. The next one with pleasure is the one to his right.

Rule 4: 

To start the game of scrabble word finder, the player places tiles and makes the word crossing the center square. To proceed, you must make about going a word in one direction only.

players playing scrabble
players playing scrabble

There is a couple of ways that can aid you in putting the alphabets together to form a word. You could either pick a whole word and combine it with another one, as long as the adjacent words are valid. You could fill words at the start or the end, or you could keep adding a letter to the one that already exits.

Rule 5: 

There are clouds of uncertainty when the question is to end the game. It usually happens when no more tiles are left to draw, and one player finishes it with his share. You do the math, subtract for the non played moves, challenges, etc. to declare a definite winner.

For the purpose of interest, there are a hundred tiles on the board.

Doubts Sesh

That is the part where you get the answers to some frequently queried questions while playing scrabble word finder.


Q1: Who decides the words?

There are two regulating bodies. The first one is the Collins Scrabble words for the non-residents of Canada and the states. The other is OWL, the Official tournaments, and Words list, which regulates which words to use, how many points for which word, etc. for America’s residents.

Q2: Who gets the manufacturing and production Credits?

If you live outside America, then the manufacturers are Hasslo Inc; otherwise, Hasbro inc is the proud manufacturer. 

If you still have more unanswered questions, then feel free to visit its official website


We’ve reached the end of a useful article providing insights to the scrabble word finder and the game itself. Read it. Then you’ll get to know both about the game, triumphant rules, little trinkets that will help you out. Also, learn the scrabble word finder for those awkward times when you stuck on a word. And if you want to beat a friend, then practice with dedication on free word games available online.

So get reading and do visit us for more such content.