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5 Friends Font Generator Sites to Use in 2021

Friends is likely the most admired TV series of the 90s TV shows. It is starring a now-ubiquitous cast consisting of Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry. No one seems to get enough of their favorite gang. The other thing which made Friends such a hit is because of its iconic Font design. Thus, we have here some easy to use free Friends font generator sites.

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Even now, the ever-green TV show Friends spreads like wildfire. Friends, the second most-watched show of all time on any streaming service, left the US Netflix grounds on the 1st of January in 2020. But it is available to stream everywhere else. To watch it in the US, however, you have to get HBO Max. It also has the rights to other popular shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Game of Thrones.”

the friends font
the friends font

The plot of the beloved TV classic, Friends, follows a group of friends in their late 20s struggling to live in the big city and settle down in Manhattan, New York City. Yet, they regularly meet at a café called Central Perk. The very first episode of the show aired in 1994 and it has run its course for a hefty ten seasons, ending in 2004. Let’s talk FONT now, shall we? The iconic Friends letters – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Font

The Friends Show Font is a unique font designed by Gabriel Weiss. Also called the Gabriel Weiss’ Friends font, it is free for personal use. It’s also of fair use in the US for commercial use if you want to publish a shirt or a book with the “Friends” logo. In addition, you can easily qualify the font as derivative work, therefore get the pass on its usage. The dots on the Friends font were introduced by Deborah Naysee but isn’t usually included with the font package.

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Maybe it’s your friend’s birthday, and you want to customize a Friends shirt for them, you need the font generator. Or perhaps it’s your ex’s wedding – probably a good idea as well. Let’s check out a few font generators that might come in handy.


The title on their website mentions, “Friends TV show just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Use these free friends font to recreate the logo in your designs or apparel”. In addition, you can use this website to generate a text .png image with your text.

fontspace 'gabriel weiss' friends font
fontspace ‘gabriel weiss’ friends font

Steps to follow:

1. Adjust the font size with the gradient slider beside the text input as well.

2. Click on the black-white boxes to change the color of the text.

3. You can save the image by clicking on the beautiful gradient cloud logo beside the generated text and use it anywhere.

Fonts Pool:

It has a simplistic website design. Scroll down to the middle-page to access the Friends font text generator.

Fontpool's friends font
Fontpool’s friends font

Steps to follow:

1. Write down your cheesy text in the “Write Your Text” text bar.

2. Choose the Font Family, as it contains two variations of the Friends font.

3. Choose a size, text color, background color and wait for the results.

4. And you’re good to go. Just hit “submit,” and you’ll get your generated text for merch or apparel or whatever it is.


It has a stylistic website design and moreover, an option to store your favorite designs. Scroll down a bit to find the Friends font text generator, because it is one of the best font generators.

urbanfonts Gabriel Weiss' friends font generator
urbanfonts Gabriel Weiss’ friends font generator

Steps to follow:

1. Choose the dropdown menu where it says “Font name” most likely.

2. Select or click on “Custom text.”

3. Write down your text in the “Type your text here” text bar.

4. Several size variations of the Friends text will be shown in a graph. Moreover, choose and right-click on any of those if you want to save them as a .jpg image. 

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Font Meme:

It has a bold, stylish website design and easy to use because it gets straight to the point. Only scroll down a tiny because it is present at the bottom of the site. This site also provides the dots design, so that’s pretty cool.

fontmeme friends TV series font
fontmeme friends TV series font

Steps to follow:

1. Think of something dramatic and write it down in the “Enter your text here…” text bar.

2. Choose a FONT. The default GABRWFFR looks original because it the classic one.

3. Enter a FONT SIZE. Ignore “Select an Effect.” Do not mess with the latter because that may differ the result.

4. Click on “GENERATE” and you’ll get your desired original FRIENDS like text with dots and transparent background as well. Thus, Design your apparel; however you like. :

In addition to its variety and efficiency, has a sleek website design that looks very convenient to use. Practically, it has no issues because you can download the Friends font as in any other website. But here, you cannot save the image. That is the only downside to this generator. Gabriel Weiss friends font generator Gabriel Weiss friends font generator

Steps to follow:

1. Write down something Friends-creative in the “Type your text here” text bar right below “Custom preview.”

2. Choose the Size from “Tiny” to “Large.”

3. Click on “Submit” and you’ll be shown a preview of the generated Friends logo, without the dots.

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