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Top 5 Free Disney Font Generator Tools of 2021

The vibrant world of Disney was established in 1923 by Walt Disney. Since then, it is adored by children and adults alike. It is the creative content that captures the viewers’ attention. The various ways in which Disney presents its content that is exclusively used by Disney to create a visually appealing effect, increasing its eternal appreciation.
Disney is one of the biggest franchises for creating animated and non-animated movies, focusing mainly on the content that children enjoy. It uses various effects in its films to capture the attention of these young audiences. They achieve this by using enticing visuals, audio, and animation, and font effects. Disney has made it a point to think out of the box. Every film released under the Disney banner is a different idea that the team develops.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

Not only do they revise the script thoroughly, but review every single minor detail equally. They design everything uniquely to build a particular idea  and achieve success, from the animations and voiceovers to the poster’s beautiful fonts.

The Disney Font

Fonts play a major role in the impression that the posters imprint in the minds of people. When we think of Disney, a particular font flashes in our mind. It has left an everlasting mark on the viewer’s senses since the time of its creation and release. We have grown up seeing Mickey Mouse as the mascot and the swirly disney letters on television spelling Disney.

Every successful project has some of extraordinary components, which stimulate our sense of sight or smell or taste or by some event. For instance, some of the most renowned 5-star hotels have signature smells that distinguish them from others. Likewise, Disney uses different fonts for different movies, which ensures the distinguishing mark in the mind of its viewers and reserve a special place in their hearts. No wonder a free disney font generator is hard to find!

disney font - waltograph
disney font – waltograph

On public demand, Justin Callaghan released these disney fonts, the designer of a free for personal use freeware known as Waltograph. Die-hard Disney fans and other animators use it to improve their content using these beautiful fonts.
Two variations of the Waltograph are: Waltograph 42, a regular uppercase and lowercase letters. The second is Waltograph UI, which includes a unicase font intended to increase legibility on computer screens.

You can download this software on your PC. But various online sites get the job done for free. Here are the top 5 choices for the disney font generator


This is a wonderful site that has an easy to use the format in which we have to enter the text in a text box, select the font type and click enter to get the desired effect. We can also choose the color and size of the text and between the two variants, i.e., Waltograph 42 and Waltograph UI. You can download the font as an image and can embed in a webpage. To perform this function, we have to click the embed button. It is easily one of the most convenient disney font generator.

waltograph42 on fontmeme
waltograph42 on fontmeme

Get here: https://fontmeme.com/fonts/waltograph-disney-font/


This site is very similar to the previous site. Besides the basic features, this site also offers the facility to download the image as a jpg extension file or png extension file. Plus, we can also print the customized text. The classic disney channel font is available through this generator.

waltograph on fontgenerator
waltograph on fontgenerator

Get here: https://www.font-generator.com/fonts/Waltograph/


This site has hundreds of thousands of very creative fonts, including Waltograph. It generates Disney fonts from regular text and special characters. The text can be beautified by typing it in the text box and selecting the Waltograph regular script. It has the option to download the text as an image. But it can’t embed the disney font generated on the website. Hence if your requirement is to embed text in a website, Fontmeme.com is the site you seek.

Get here: https://fontlibrary.org/en/font/waltograph-disney


This website provides various free and paid fonts. It can generate Disney fonts as per the user’s requirement. It, however, also shows how various characters look in the Disney font. To use this generator, go to the site, type regular text in the “Custom preview” textbox. After that, select the various input parameters and click the submit button. After refreshing the page, we receive the generated font, which can be copied.

waltograph variations on dafont
waltograph variations on dafont

Get here : https://www.dafont.com/waltograph.font


This site contains not only Disney fonts but also other fascinating fonts that you can explore for personal and commercial uses. The perk of using this website is that we have to type the desired text, and it displays the designed text in various sizes. But one downside is that it doesn’t provide the option to customize the Disney Font. However, you can save the generated text as an image.

Get here: https://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Waltograph.font

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Summing Up

The bottom line to this is that even though these are the sites that have maximum modifications and customization options available, there are a lot more sites online for various purposes. We have to find the features that suit our needs. The sites mentioned above are the best you got as disney font generator. So let your creative juices flow, you might just create the next sensational font combination!

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