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Top 6 Tools to Convert Word to JPG Instantly!

There are many things to do in word when it comes to writing anything for your workplace, school, college. Sometimes you need to convert the word file into jpg file for our need. As the jpg file is in a picture format and word file is in document format. It is simple to do & you don’t have to worry about converting the file. Sometimes people want some tools from which they can convert their file in less time without any change in the data inside the file. No need to worry. I am going to tell me some really good tool which will convert your file in no less time.

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6 Best Tools to Convert Word to JPG

So, here are a few tools which you can use to get your work easily done.

Snipping Tool

This tool is easy to use. It is very convenient to start using this tool to convert your files. Just go to your start button, type snipping tool, and capture the pages you want from the word file and the snipping tool will automatically save it into a jpg file.

Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool

You can also combine all the jpg file into one folder so that there is no confusion to find it later. I love this tool as it is always easy to use it on your computer/laptop. It is so simple to use, and it can be saved at a different location on your computer, and you can use them whenever you want. It is that simple and efficient.

Online Websites

There are tons of websites out there, which helps in conversion of a word into jpg very easily. You just have to drag your file in these websites, and automatically they will convert the word into a jpg file.


You can then download your jpg file and use it. It is always available to go on these websites anytime you want, and it takes hardly a few seconds to do it. Among these websites there is one website called Convertio, this will

Visit: Convertio

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Formatting Through Properties

You can change the format of your file from word to jpg by clicking the properties button in the file. When you right-click the icon of the file, you can see the properties button at last. In properties, there is an option for you to change the file location to get a jpg format file.


So, there you can simply select the jpg format file and it will automatically change from word to jpg. These formatting can be used very easily, and you are ready to use your jpg file.

Open with Options

There is also one option which you can find inside the word file. When you right-click the icon of the word file, there is open with option. This option will give you a variety of places where you can open your file.

Open With Option
Open With Option

There are different jpg file format icons on your computer/laptop. Just select the option which is suitable for you, and the option will give you jpg file and then you can open and start using your jpg file. This is how you can Convert Word to JPG easily.

Taking Pictures From Phone

You can use your cellphone to capture document pictures by the help of camera in your phone and later share that picture on your computer which is automatically converted into jpg format as you took a picture of the word file from your phone. This is a step some people prefer if they want pictures rather than a document for sharing.

Clicking Photos
Clicking Photos

One thing you must keep in mind is that you are clicking pictures clearly from your phone. You can use some apps to get a clearer picture on your phone so that the data on your file is visible to you. This is the most common yet smart way to Convert Word to JPG.

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Using PrtSc Tab

This tab is always on the right top side of your computer/laptop. This PrtSc Tab is an effective button for taking a screenshot of your documents which are directly saved in your drive, and you can use it whenever you want.


This tab is easy to use as just one click on the word page whose jpg you want, and you can afterward use that for your work and if you want you can share some information you want with someone. It is also an effective tool, and there is the accessibility of the button on your computer/laptop by itself. This is a Classic way to Convert Word to JPG.


So, here are a few best tools you can use to convert your word to jpg. I can tell you that because I have used all the tools I have described above, and they are really effective when you use it. These tools are perfectly presented for you so that within seconds you can convert your file without any delay and your work will be finished on time. There are many more tools which can be used to convert word

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