What are Oxymorons | Top 10 Funny Oxymorons Examples 

An oxymoron is a truism containing words that seem to disavow each other. It’s routinely insinuated as a consistent irregularity in wording. Similarly, with other intelligent devices, befuddling articulations are used for a variety of purposes. To a great extent, oxymorons are used to make…


What are Mnemonics | Best Ways To Use Mnemonics

Have you ever had to remember something tough to remember? Of course, we all have once, twice, and thrice or several times faced this situation. It gets even harder when it’s your exam tomorrow, specifically science, and you are stuck at remembering the periodic table….


What is Spoonerism? Everything you need to know

Spoonerism refers to the error in speech while communicating, where the vowels, consonants, or morphemes of two words get interchanged in a sentence. This term was after the minister and don of Oxford William Archibald Spooner, who was known for his mistakes in interchanging vowels…


What is a Pangram? Everything you need to know

The word Pangram was derived from the Greek words, pan gramma, which means every letter. This is also called a holoalphabetic sentence; these are sentences that use every letter from the English alphabet at least once. Pangrams are used to improve skills in calligraphy, handwriting…

play on words

How to Do Play on Words | Everything You Wanna Know

Wordplay or play on words is a technique in literature which is a form of wit and playfulness. The main intention of this is to use words in such a way that they seem like innuendos primarily for a specific intended meaning of a word…

Rebus Puzzles

What are Rebus Puzzles Everything You Must Know

Rebus puzzles are puzzle devices that combine the use of an illustrated picture or diagram with individual alphabets to depict a particular word or phrase. For example, for a simple idea, three salmon fishes are used to denote the surname “Salmon.” Rebus is a picture coded version…

What is Grammar

What is Grammar? Everything You Need to Know

The term Grammar refers to the set of structural rules which control the composition of clauses, words, and phrases in linguistics. Again Grammar is a study of these rules and structures that include many other segments within it. Fluent speakers of a particular language have…

Improve Vocabulary

Top 6 Ways to Improve Vocabulary Immediately | Learn New Words Easily

Effective conversation or “saying what you signify” is needy upon a decent vocabulary base. Utilizing the correct words when talking makes you a progressively compelling communicator. Words are at ultimate expressions; having a broad vocabulary will enable you to convey what needs to be plainly…

Word Maker

Top 6 Word Maker Websites to Create Words from Letters

In today’s fast paced world it highly crucial for individuals to be on the go and sometimes lack of words can cause hindrance to this growth. Word Maker Websites are boon to such cause. These Word Maker Websites create words from letter with ease. In…

Convert Word to JPG

Top 6 Tools to Convert Word to JPG Instantly!

There are many things to do in word when it comes to writing anything for your workplace, school, college. Sometimes you need to convert the word file into jpg file for our need. As the jpg file is in a picture format and word file…